Business Payment Solutions offers a comprehensive array of electronic payment processing products and services to our clients.  Whether it's a standard dial-up, high-speed IP or wireless terminal, we provide the most-advanced equipment available. Our software solutions make it easy for you to accept electronic payments over the Internet.



Business Payment Solutions leads the way in providing innovative, comprehensive and secure products and services designed to meet the unique business needs of e-commerce merchants and their customers.


We offer many choices for e-commerce processing:

Virtual Credit Card Terminal: A PC-based virtual terminal offers the online equivalent of a POS terminal, processing your customers' card data in real time, efficiently and safely.

Payment Gateway: Our gateway provides secure payment processing for transactions on the web.

Recurring Payments:  The best option for installment plans, subscriptions and memberships can be easily established, simplifying the process for you and your customers.

You can process credit and debit cards from any computer, any time by simply logging into our gateway from anywhere you have an internet connection!




Point of sale (POS) transaction processing systems are constantly evolving, and we keep pace by offering tech-forward solutions that work reliably wherever you need to go to make the sale.  These terminals are an excellent option for merchants who deal with face-to-face transactions.  POS terminals are perfect in a traditional retail environment.


POS terminals are the workhorse of traditional, face-to-face credit card processing in the retail environment. We offer a full selection of state-of-the-art, fully-equipped, PCI-compliant POS terminals that simplify the authorization, settlement and management of card-based transactions.

POS terminals house everything needed to complete a card-present sales transaction — magnetic card reader, phone or Internet connection to the credit card processor and a receipt printer — in one compact countertop unit. With the addition of a keypad for manual PIN entry, POS terminals can also process PIN debit cards and EBT cards.

Business Payment Solutions has the expertise to help you choose the POS solutions and connectivity options that work best for your retail business, now and into the future



Mobile credit card processing can help boost sales and increase revenue by accelerating checkout while improving the overall buying experience with personalized customer service. With the ability to go mobile with your smartphone, it creates entirely new selling opportunities outside the store – expanding your selling radius and extending sales capability onto the sales floor or outside the four walls.   This solution is perfect for business owners that want to do business "anywhere" !

Mobile processing puts the power of profit in the palm of your hand, wherever and whenever you need it. Turn your iPhone® 3G/3GS/4/4S/5,  iPad® or Android® device* into a terminal-on-the-go complete with all the features of a traditional credit card terminal.

Online Reporting

Through our online reporting tool, you can access important account information and transaction history, as well as a number of reports 24/7.